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released January 1, 2011



all rights reserved


OUTLAST New Jersey

New Jersey Straight Edge

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Track Name: Free Your Mind
we're conditioned to hide who we really are
and never let on that we're truly scared
of what's to come or what is said
we let it build up, up inside our head
never wanting to share what's inside
put on a front and play a part
not break the mold or change the pace
of what we're taught we must save face

free your mind
Track Name: No Better
you think you're so much better than me
you think you're better than everyone else
you talk your shit when we're not around
trying your best to bring us down
you don't know me or who i am
your judgments based on nothing
you run and hide behind your friends
you add to the cycle, it never ends
breaking down what you've helped build
when will you ever learn that a positive mind and open heart
will mend the fences you've torn apart?
so listen up and i'll say this once
you're actions speak louder than words
we'll move along and let it go
i'll tell you now what we already know
you think you're better, you're wrong
Track Name: Take a Number
walking tall with a mind that's straight
i stand against the things i hate
the choice is yours and yours alone
one of millions, a fucking clone

just like them you follow the herd
fall in line and don't say a word
won't speak your mind or even blink
when they tell you what to think

you know you'll never get by with that bullshit life you lead
open your fucking eyes so that you can finally see
shut your mouth and listen just for once in your goddamn life
you've seen just what will happen so why don't you get wise?

i'm glad i chose to live this way
face the world and every day
unlike you who dulls the pain
fading out, STAYING THE SAME

i'm gonna freak out
Track Name: Power for Change
i look around and all i see
my friends and new people, all like me
don't fit in anywhere else
nowhere to look but inside ourselves

i see the world through different eyes
a clearer vision and no disguise
of who i am or who i'll be
a special place to be set free

but i know i've found myself a home
someplace i can turn, not be alone
but i know i've found myself a home
someplace i can turn, not be alone

the outside world won't understand
what's in these walls, what's in our hands
in each of us, a fire so bright
that gets us through, through the darkest nights

but i know i've found myself a home
someplace i can turn, not be alone
but i know i've found myself a home
someplace that will carry
carry me through
carry me through

what's buried (WHAT'S BURIED)
so deep (SO DEEP)
inside, inside of me

what's buried (WHAT'S BURIED)
so deep (SO DEEP)
inside each one of us

is the power for change and this is the time
this room, this energy, and what's inside
it makes all the difference, the difference between
the rest of the world and you and me
Track Name: Rearrange
a beautiful world but i don't care to see
unhappy with life, this isn't me
i never see things through and this might be the same

too tired and too broken to ever rearrange
my life, my world, the things i do
something has to spark this change

so tired of apathy but too tired to even care
looking for something greater
something that's not there

for this to work
it has to come
from within

for this to work
it has to come
from within
it has to start now

if i want to change the world, got to change myself
change for me and nobody else
want to see this world from a different light
gotta change my views and DO IT RIGHT

this negative outlook, this negative mind
won't do a thing but PASS THE TIME
between now and maybe then
the only question that begs is "when?"
Track Name: Take Control
i've sat back and watched you for far too long
watched you destroy your life and those around you
losing sight of what's important and what effects your actions have
not only on your future but on that of those you know and love
you need to realize that it's tearing me apart inside

it's time to TAKE CONTROL
of your own life
it's time to TAKE CONTROL

i'll never understand what it is that you are going through
but i can only do my best to help you try and see it through
you have to be accountable before you take a hold
of your own life